How It Works

Business Apps

We provide business owners the opportunity to have a complete, customizable app represented in the Apple, Android, and Google markets. Offered at a cutting edge price, once you purchase we immediately begin creating your app. You have the option to fill out forms and pick exactly what you want to integrate with your app or we can pull information off your website for you. Apps take between 2-4 weeks to fully develop and become usable. Once they are complete, we give you log in information so you can access the back office of your app. The back office lets you make any changes and access the features of the app! We also provide back office trainings on how to effectively use your app at its full capability along with a support team ready to help you through the entire process.

Marketing Apps

We provide Individuals and Entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take advantage of mobile ‘real estate’ by creating a personal custom mobile app. Our marketing apps are present in the Android and Google marketplaces as well as through our text to download feature (via shortcode 72727). Our Marketing apps come loaded with our ‘treasure chest’ of information. This includes interviews of 7 figure earners and live presentations from some of the top marketers in the internet marketing industry.  Much like the business apps, you will have the opportunity to pick and choose what you want integrated into your app. There is also a back office log in where you can manage your app, watch trainings, and learn some of the best lead generation methods via your app!


Don’t forget about the GAN community!  Communicate and network with all of our GAN members through social interfaces such as Facebook, Google Hangouts, and monthly Webinars! Once you are a customer, we invite you to our private Facebook group where we make all of our announcements prior before they go public!

We also give you the opportunity to participate in weekly Google Hangouts.  We have a panel of active app users that comes on and discusses their experiences, sales techniques, and marketing methods that have been most effective.  GAN Hangouts are welcoming to every member and a great way to pick up on new skills.

GAN has monthly Webinars dedicated to GAN announcements and trainings.  Most of our Webinars will be available to you in the back office after you log in and you are able to watch them whenever you’d like!  We train on how to use the apps effectively, implement our mobile squeeze page builder and business look up tool, and using your app as a lead generation tool.

How Do I Get Started? 

On the homepage you have the option to choose which type of app you desire.  If you are a business owner and want to use our app for your company, click our business apps button on the home page.  If you are an individual marketer or entrepreneur and want to use our app to brand yourself and take advantage of mobile real estate, please click our marketing app button on the home page.

Each will take you a form where you fill out your information.  We then follow up with an email containing very important information regarding your new custom app.  Each one of our apps comes with a mobile squeeze page builder and free texting to all of your customers.  Each app takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to build.  Once created, you will have access to your apps back office where you can make any changes and watch our trainings on how to fully utilize your new real estate!